‘Los Espookys’ Creator Julio Torres Has a New HBO Comedy Series on the Way

Lead Photo: Photograph by Monica Lek/HBO
Photograph by Monica Lek/HBO
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Los Espookys co-creator, writer and star Julio Torres is premiering a new comedy series this summer. The six-episode series, Fantasmas, will debut in June 2024 on HBO and stream on Max. Torres not only stars in the lead role, he is also credited as the creator, director and writer.

According to a logline from Warner Bros., Fantasmas follows a fictional version of Torres during his search for a golden oyster earring he has lost and the people he encounters in his search. “The musings he has become points of departure for little films along the way, as Torres navigates weaving in and out of these introspective, often eerie comedic stories,” the description reads.

Along with Torres, Fantasmas will star Julia Fox (Uncut Gems), Ziwe (Ziwe), Steve Buscemi (Fargo) and Alexa Demie (Euphoria) and will be executive-produced by Torres and others, including two-time Oscar winner Emma Stone (Poor Things) and her husband Dave McCary (Problemista).

“I really loved the idea of telling short stories and having a show of vignettes,” Torres told Entertainment Weekly. “I also felt like I’m not the kind of performer who was interested in doing me as various characters. I like to think of myself like a master of ceremonies.”

Earlier this year, Torres released his feature film debut, Problemista, which starred him and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton). The absurdist comedy tells the story of an aspiring Salvadoran toy maker who is searching for a sponsor, so that he can extend his visa and stay in the U.S. to work.

“I like things that are a little removed from reality,” Torres told Remezcla. “I like to exaggerate things.”

With the fantasy worlds he is building in Fantasmas, Julio Torres has found another project that allows him to tap into his creativity.