‘Love Is Blind: México’ Debuts First Official Trailer

Lead Photo: Netflix
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We now know not just when Love Is Blind: México is premiering and who will be hosting, but some of the faces we will follow on this journey to find love. Netflix has released the first trailer for the second Latin American spinoff of the popular reality TV franchise and the first in Spanish, which will premiere on the streaming service on August 1, 2024.

“I’m here looking for the man of my dreams,” one of the contestants says in Spanish at the beginning of the trailer, “great, good looking and …never cheap,” she finishes, a play on the famous Spanish saying. The rest of the women laugh, but the vibes for Love Is Blind: México go through a rollercoaster during the nearly three-minute trailer. There’s camaraderie, both between the women and the men. There are what looks like genuine connections. There are proposals, even if we can’t tell who is proposing to who. There’s also a honeymoon in Tulum.

And, of course, there’s drama. The Love is Blind franchise wouldn’t be here without it. Including someone saying “If you’re going to say no, you might as well not come.” But we do see some people walking down the aisle too, as is the show’s way.  We also see the show’s hosts, Omar and Lucy Chaparro, explaining how the show works. 

For those unfamiliar with the format, Love is Blind is a reality TV show where participants get to know each other without ever seeing one another and have to decide whether they are willing to make the ultimate commitment – marriage, before setting eyes on each other. After that, the couple has four weeks together to decide if love is really and truly blind and if they want to end the show married or part ways for good.

You can watch the trailer for Love Is Blind: México below: