‘Love, Victor’ Season 2 Trailer Picks Up from Last Year’s Cliffhanger

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The trailer for the second season of Hulu’s teen drama Love, Victor just debuted online, and the series picks up right where the first one left off.

Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), a high school student who has been struggling with his sexual identity, finally comes out to his parents, Armando (James Martinez) and Isabel (Ana Ortiz). He reveals the news right after they tell him and his sister Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) that they are separating.
“Mom, dad…I’m gay,” Victor says before the screen cuts to black. Talk about a cliffhanger leading into season 2.

The new trailer starts with Victor’s classmate Lake (Bebe Wood) telling him that he is “literally dating the most gorgeous guy” at their high school, Benji Campbell (George Sear). Benji wants to make sure they know what they’re going to tell everyone when they find out they are dating.

“I want to tell people,” Victor says. “I’m ready. No more hiding who I am.” A shot of him and Benji walking hand in hand down the hallway at school shows Victor smiling for making such a brave decision.
Love, Victor is not only Victor’s story, however. Victor’s friend Mia (Rachel Hilson) is also trying to solve her problems (her dad is engaged and she’s crushing on the school’s popular basketball star).

Victor’s neighbor Felix Westen (Anthony Turpel), too, is having problems at home with his mom who is on medication.

It does all come back to Victor though and how he manages to build on his new life. “What is the perfect level of gay that will keep everyone happy?” Victor asks.

He can’t make everyone happy, but the advice Benji gives him seems to be something he should probably consider this entire season. “You should want to be around people who want you to be you.”

Season 2 of Love, Victor premieres on Hulu June 11.