A Teenage, Latina Luchador Superhero Is Coming To Disney

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Luchadors and superheroes were things we never imagined we would see together on any screen, but now, we can’t imagine something better! Ultra Violet & Blue Demon, a coming of age action-comedy series told from a teenage girl’s perspective has just been given a series order by The Disney Channel.

The series stars Mexican luchador and professional wrestler Blue Demon Jr. as a version of himself and Scarlett Estevez (Bunk’d) as Violet, the 13-year-old girl niece of the famous luchador. The mask selects Violet to become Ultra, the superhero successor to her luchador uncle’s secret identity. Violet starts to learn the ins and outs of being a secret superhero, while also navigating the roller coaster of emotions that is middle school.

The series has a mainly Latinx cast, as well as mainly Latinx producers, and hopes to introduce a relatable Mexican American family with a very special legacy.

“After years of being called crazy, we knew we needed to push harder to bring an unique and authentic Latin representation IP to the new age,” series co-executive producer Dan Carrillo Levy tells Remezcla. “We couldn’t be happier that Disney not only believed in our dream, but supported us giving the LATINX voices in front and behind the camera a remarkable opportunity.”

Latinx representation has been lacking both in front of and behind the scenes, so this move from Disney is sending a clear message that Disney hopes to be part of the change.

“Blue Demon Jr. is a Mexican cultural icon and we are looking forward to introducing him—and the luchador mythology—to our viewers,” said Rafael Garcia, vice president, Development, Disney Branded Television. “With Violet and her family, we also have the opportunity to present an authentic Mexican American family in a series that combines humor and adventure in a unique Latinx shake-up of the superhero genre.”