Actor Luis Gerardo Méndez has become a huge star in his native Mexico where he’s established himself in both independent and mainstream features. His latest film, Tiempo Compartido recently debuted at Sundance – he took time out to talk to us about the film – but stateside audiences may not be aware of him. That’s set to change as it’s been announced that the actor will make his English-language debut in the Netflix film Murder Mystery.

The comedic mystery will follow a married couple (played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston) as they venture to Italy for a vacation. They meet a handsome stranger on the flight over (played by Luke Evans) who ropes them in to a party where someone ends up dead. Méndez is set to play an unnamed Formula One driver who “has a secret.”

Méndez has been working for over a decade but came to prominece in 2013 with the Gaz Alazraraki comedy Nosotoros Los Nobles where it became the second highest grossing film in the country’s history. He also had a part in the Cantínflas in a biopic in 2014. More recently he both stars and produces Netflix’s Club de Cuervos which has become a popular Spanish-language series for the streaming giant.

Murder Mystery sounds like a frothy comedic mystery that probably won’t give Méndez a ton to do short of putting his face in front of English-speaking audiences. Movies like this tend to be a cameo-heavy affair and the announcement says they’re hoping to cast a “group of international actors” so it’s unknown how much of the movie will actually involve Méndez. Either way, starring in a film opposite Sandler and Aniston should make his transition to Hollywood easier.