In Teaser for ‘Luis Miguel: The Series’ Season 2, Get a Peek of Diego Boneta as 2000s LuisMi 

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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It’s been almost two years since the explosive first season of Luis Miguel: la serie gave audiences the officially authorized story of the Mexican superstar. With Diego Boneta in the lead, the 13-episode season gave a candid behind the scenes look at LuisMi’s early years. Dealing with everything from his big break as well as the more lurid tales of deception courtesy of his domineering father Luis “Luisito” Rey (Óscar Jaenada), the drama was a fascinating fictionalized take on those Behind the Music specials that showed the more unsavory aspects of a musical artist’s biography. Not for nothing did the narrative engine of the show center on the mysterious disappearance of Luis Miguel’s mother. Considering the final episode of the first season only took us to 1992 when Luisito passed away, presumably taking to the grave the very secret LuisMi had long been looking to uncover, we all knew there was plenty more story to be told. And now, in a video announcement that reminds us the show’s second season is coming in 2020, we got to see a taste of what that might look like.

The short clip is set at a recording studio, shot in heavy close-ups to better admire the singing superstar. We see Boneta, his tousled hair on point, as the dashing singer in ultra-90s garb (aka a white tee and a leather vest). He’s recording the hit “Como es posible que a mi lado,” the kind of pop song that endeared him to many a swooning fan. But he’s not satisfied. After taking a sip of a drink, he wants to do it one more time, prompting a camera pan downward that flashes us forward. Gone is the youthful pop star and his place is a more polished older LuisMi, his hair slicked back donning a pristinely tucked in shirt. Gone also is his youthful sound. He’s recording the mariachi staple “México en la piel,” which the artist recorded in 2004, suggesting we may be getting an entire decade’s worth of Luis Miguel’s story in this next chapter of the biopic drama. Now excuse us while we start counting down the days until we get to see Boneta tackle Romances-era LuisMi.

The second season of Luis Miguel is coming to Netflix in 2020.