‘Luis Miguel: The Series’ Teases Romance with Mariah Carey in Trailer for Final Season

Lead Photo: Netflix
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The official trailer for the third and final season of Netflix’s Luis Miguel: The Series just dropped, and viewers are likely to sit back and start drinking some tea when they see that Miguel’s romantic relationship with singer Mariah Carey will be featured.

Luis Miguel and Carey dated between 1999 and 2001. The two met while vacationing in Aspen in 1998. Since Miguel has always been guarded about his personal life, no one is sure why the two split up, but rumors at the time were that he ended the relationship with her because she wanted children and he did not.

In Luis Miguel: The Series, Carey is played by actress Jade Ewen, who starred for three seasons on the HBO sketch comedy series Tracey Ullman’s Show. Ewen posted an image of her and actor Diego Boneta, who plays Miguel, embracing and staring into each other’s eyes. She also posted the trailer with the comment: “Get ready, here she comes…”

In the trailer, Miguel and Carey meet in a restaurant, possibly in Aspen since it looks like Carey is wearing an ushanka when she is introduced. “You’re very sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she asks Miguel as he gazes at her beside him.

The opening scenes of the trailer are all about them. The two share a couple of kisses, a toast, and some laughs. Viewers even get to see the couple singing inside a recording studio. Maybe the final season will explain why the two never released a song together. They reportedly worked on a duet for Carey’s 1999 album Rainbow, but Miguel didn’t like the way the final product turned out.

Earlier this year, Boneta told Remezcla that although Luis Miguel: The Series doesn’t gloss over much, there are some things that Luis Miguel didn’t want to reveal. “[Luis Miguel] did share some really intimate things with me that he asked me not to tell anyone,” Boneta said.

Let’s hope his romance with Carey isn’t one of those secrets he’s decided to keep hidden.

The final season of Luis Miguel: The Series premieres on Netflix on October 28.