Univision and Telemundo Announce Competing Shows on Luismi’s Life Story, But Only One Is Authorized

Lead Photo: By camposartCC BY 2.0, Link
By camposartCC BY 2.0, Link
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Prison can’t keep El Sol from shining. Earlier this week Mexican singer Luis Miguel was arrested in Los Angeles for failing to appear in court regarding a lawsuit from his former manager. But perhaps such notoriety couldn’t have come at a better time for every Latino mom’s crush. Prepare to be bombarded with his melodic voice on TV and the internet in the upcoming months as two competing series based on his iconic life lurk in the bright horizon – pun absolutely intended.

Earlier this year, Univision announced that Pedro Torres, a close collaborator of Luismi for over 30 years and who helped create many of his popular music videos, will serve as Executive Producer of an episodic drama “about one of the biggest artists of our time,” according to by Lourdes Diaz, president of Entertainment, Univision Communications Inc, in a press release by the network. But given that this project is sure to have millions of adoring fans melting in front of their screens (again because he is El Sol), Telemundo couldn’t keep its hands off the cake and just announced their own musical series about the performer. The crucial distinction between the two is that Luis Miguel is actively working with production companies MGM TV and Gato Grande Productions on the Telemundo project, which the company calls the “officially authorized life story,” as reported by Variety.

Telemundo’s version will be streamed via Netflix in Latin America and Spain, but will be exclusively broadcast on the network in the US – at least in its initial run. Both Netflix and Telemundo released trailers for the upcoming series. In the Spanish-language teaser the La Bikina singer can be heard saying, “For decades, a lot of people have talked about my life, but it is time for me truth to come into the light. There are many versions, but there is only one truth. This is my story.” The English version is much shorter and focuses on his elusive nature, “From the beginning of my career I’ve protected my privacy. Many have created their own versions, but there is only one truth – and that is mine. This is the story of my life.”

No casting announcements have been made for either project but Telemundo’s is set to premiere in 2018. There is still time to get some cool shades to avoid being blinded by his glow – OK enough puns already.