Free Download: Making Movies' "Sirena," Watch AMC Oscar Ad

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So, the AMC Theatres chain is doing some sort of showcase of the year’s best movies (based on 2011 Oscar nominations), and to promote this they launched the movie-scene collage ad below and they needed some music to go with it. Now, when it comes to selecting music for something like this, possibilities are almost infinite. But if you’re an indie band and you expect to get your big break through ad placement, well, it helps if you have a name like Making Movies. You know those guys at the advertising agency who put it together probably went through the list of band names and thought, “Oh, hey look, this one has the word ‘Movies,’ that’s like what we’re selling here, let’s give them a chance!”

Of course, you need more than just a name. That’s when a catchy upbeat rock tune with subtle Afro-Cuban percussion comes into play and it works out great with the video. Except that the song is in Spanish. Yes, those Making Movies guys are bilingual Latinos from Kansas City, of all places, and sometimes they sing in their parent’s language. No corporate national cinema chain is going to promote their product with a Spanish song, we all know that. Solution? Use the instrumental version y listo!

So, trying to take advantage of their 15 minutes, the Making Movies guys decided to release the original Spanish-sung song as a FREE download. Download it below and next time you take your date to the movies and this ad comes up you can say, “Yeah they used to be indie, before they totally sold out to corporate America,” and you’ll feel like the hippest guy in the room.

Download the vocal version of Making Movies’ “Sirena” and watch the AMC Theatres ad below.