Nicaragua’s First-Ever Web Series Gets Real About Violence, Catcalling & LGBT Issues

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Central America is finally putting itself on the audiovisual map; and Nicaragua has finally thrown its hat in the ring with its first ever web series, MF, la serie, from a group of young artists, actors, and cultural promoters behind the web portal Managua Furiosa. Focusing on the trails and tribulations of three young Managüenses – a college student from the provinces, an LGBT capitalina, and an upper-middle class mae who falls on hard times – MF, la serie seeks to explore contemporary issues relevant to lives of young, urban Nicas.

Themes ranging from violence and street harassment to sexual orientation will be explored in a glossy package that draws from the everyday experiences of them team behind the project. Shot on a substantial budget of $80,000, MF, la serie brought together a crew of over 30 film professionals and saw over 300 non-professional actors to fill out the cast. According to producer Roberto Guillén, the money came together from a number of private businesses, though fundraising was anything but easy.

“Getting together funding and locations has been complicated,” he recently told Diario Metro. “There are different business run by young entrepreneurs that have supported us, but we must call upon private companies… because without them it’s impossible to make [projects like this.]”

MF, la serie’s first season will premiere on Managua Furiousa’s digital platform this January 24th, with subsequent episodes rolling out each Tuesday after that. Be sure to check it out and support that promising young talent brewing down in Nicaragua.