‘Scream’s Melissa Barrera Fights to Survive Unforgiving Wilderness in ‘Keep Breathing’

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Audiences got a first look at the upcoming Netflix 6-episode limited series Keep Breathing on Tuesday (June 21). The series stars Melissa Barrera (In the Heights). This is the first main TV role for Barrera since Vida ended in 2020.

The logline from Netflix for Keep Breathing reads: After her private plane crashes in the remote Canadian frontier, lone survivor and New York lawyer, Liv (Barrera), must battle both an unforgiving wilderness and past personal traumas to stay alive.

“Cannot wait to share this crazy adventure with you all,” Barrera wrote on Instagram alongside some of the photos Netflix released. One of the images features Barrera lying on the ground next to a body and looking extremely worried, presumably after the plane crash that changed her life. In another, Barrera is seen inside the crashed plane, panicking as it fills up with water.

Three more photos were also released: In one, Barrera is in the forest looking up at the sky with her hand in the air as if she is attempting to get the attention of a passing plane. In her hand, she’s holding a cell phone. In another photo, Barrera is sitting on a rocky ground next to a fallen tree and some makeshift shelter. She is wearing jeans, boots, and a neutral-colored sweater with a buttoned shirt underneath it. In a final photo, she is looking over a cliff wearing her jeans, boots, and a white tank top.

Most recently, Melissa Barrera starred in the horror sequel Scream as Sam Carpenter, heralding the next generation to take on the well-known franchise. During an interview with Remezcla earlier this year, she spoke about working on projects that were not “labeled as specifically Latinx,” like Keep Breathing. “It makes me so happy to be advancing in the right direction,” she said.

Keep Breathing premieres on Netflix on July 28, 2022.