Melissa Fumero & the Cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Pay Tribute to Andre Braugher

Lead Photo: NBC
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Melissa Fumero and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine paid tribute to Andre Braugher, who played Captain Raymond Holt for 9 seasons on the beloved sitcom, which originated on FOX and finished its run on NBC. Braugher was 61 at the time of his passing. And according to CNN, it’s being reported by his publicist Jennifer Allen that he died Monday, December 11th after a brief illness.

Fumero, who played Amy Santiago in the police comedy, posted a series of photos on Instagram, starting with a BTS shot of her and Braugher during the filming of the Season 2 episode “Beach House.”

“I will remember all the advice you gave me. I will remember all the times we laughed because your laugh was one of the all time greatest laughs to have ever existed,” Fumero wrote. “I really thought I’d see you again,” the actress also said, as she offered condolences to Braugher’s wife Ami, his kids, and all his friends and loved ones.

“It was an honor to be in your orbit for a time, Sir,” Fumero added, in a phrase that feels very reminiscent of the Holt and Amy relationship in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fumero wasn’t the only one paying tribute to Braugher. Stephanie Beatriz, who played Rosa Diaz, also posted about him, simply saying, “Andre ❤️.” She posted it with a video of Captain Holt commending Rosa for coming out as bisexual on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Terry Crews, who played Lieutenant Terry Jeffords, posted his own tribute and said, “Can’t believe you’re gone so soon. I’m honored to have known you…”

Chelsea Peretti, who played Gina Linetti, also posted about Braugher and noted that she would miss his dulcet tones.

So did Joe Lo Truglio, who played Charles Boyle.

Marc Evan Jackson, who played Kevin, Holt’s husband on the show also shared a tribute posting, “O Captain. My Captain.”

Dirk Blocker, who played Michael Hitchcock posted a tribute as well.

And Joel McKinnon Miller, who played Norm Scully, did as well.

Andy Samberg, who played Jake Peralta still hasn’t posted about Braugher. But grief has no timeline and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Braugher’s family deserve respect and kindness as they mourn this loss.

May you rest in power, Andre Braugher.