Michelle Obama To Launch Netflix Show To Teach Kids ‘Healthy’ Foods of the World

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Michelle Obama is continuing her legacy of trying to help children learn how to eat healthy through the Obamas partnership with Netflix in a new series for kids, Waffles and Mochi.

The former FLOTUS will play the owner of a “whimsical supermarket” that employs puppets named Waffles and Mochi, who are best friends and aspiring chefs. “I’m excited for families and children everywhere to join us on our adventures as we discover, cook, and eat delicious food from all over the world,” she wrote in a tweet on Tuesday (Feb. 9).

The show will premiere on the streaming platform on March 16 and, according to an Instagram post by the best-selling author, will be “all about good food: discovering it, cooking it, and of course, eating it.”

“They come from the land of frozen foods and with the help of friendly new faces like the supermarket owner, Mrs. Obama, Waffles and Mochi blast off on global ingredient missions, traveling to kitchens, restaurants, farms and homes all over the world,” said a press release by Netflix. “Whether they’re picking potatoes in the Andes of Peru, sampling spices in Italy, or making Miso in Japan, these curious explorers uncover the wonder of food and discover every meal is a chance to make new friends.”

Obama made children’s dietary health her platform as the First Lady, so it makes sense that she would continue that journey. Hopefully with less fat shaming and more highlighting the gorgeous, and diverse foods that children across the world enjoy.