MoMA Is Screening Every Pedro Almodóvar Film in December. Here’s How You Can Buy Tickets

Lead Photo: Pedro Almodóvar, Rossy de Palma and Verónica Forqué on the set of 'Kika'
Pedro Almodóvar, Rossy de Palma and Verónica Forqué on the set of 'Kika'
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We’ve all been waiting very, very patiently for MoMA to release the details on its highly-anticipated career retrospective of Pedro Almodóvar. But after three months, it’s understandable if some of us were starting to crack under the weight of so much anticipation. Of course, there were enough details to know roughly when to book that long weekend in Manhattan, and we did know that the 19-day affair would kick off with a special screening of the master’s latest feature, Julieta, ahead of its official holiday release.

But what day would they be screening Tacones Lejanos? Would there be more than one screening? Will Almodóvar make an appearance? Can we meet any Almodóvar girls? When and where can we buy tickets? So many questions! Well rest easy, film nerds, because we now have all the answers you’ve been waiting for: MoMa finally published the deets on the Pedro Almodóvar series, and it looks like we’ll all have a week or so to warm up those clicking fingers and nab tickets before they’re all on Stubhub for ten times the price.

Plus, with the official screening schedule we’ve also learned of a few welcome surprises: namely, that Almodóvar will bless the hallowed halls of the Museum of Modern Art during “A Conversation with Pedro Almodóvar” on the evening of Saturday, December 3rd (tickets go on sale November 19). But if you already had weekend plans – and you’re not willing to break them to see one of the world’s most important film directors in the flesh – don’t fret, because iconic Almodóvar girl-turned-fashion icon Rossy de Palma will be on hand for a Q&A following the December 1st screening of Kika.

And for those ambitious Almodóvar fanatics who plan to brave midtown foot traffic and catch every single one of these films, we are pleased to inform that there will be two screenings of each title, with the exception of Julieta. So go ahead and confirm those hotel reservations, because this is happening.

Pedro Almodóvar runs at The Museum of Modern Art from November 29 – December 17, 2016. Tickets to individual film screenings will be made available two weeks prior on See the full screening schedule here.