Did You Catch the Spanish Song at the End of ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5?

Lead Photo: Marvel
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Oscar Isaac is Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Disney+’s Moon Knight, which is already a big win for our communities. But in the latest episode of the Disney+ show, there was another, not so subtle one, in the form of a very recognizable song that managed to convey just the right message for the moment.

Mas Allá del Sol,” which translates to “Beyond the Sun,” plays right at the end, as Marc walks through the Field of Reeds. It’s a truly emotional moment, not just because the scales weighing Marc’s heart have finally balanced, but because at that moment, Marc is saying goodbye to Steven – who seemingly died as he fell into the sands of the Duat.

But the song speaks to more than that because at that moment, Marc is finally at peace. Steven, the personality he created to protect himself from the pain of an abusive household, has also allowed him to reconcile the good and the bad within himself, and most importantly, forgive himself for the childhood accident that resulted in the death of his brother. 

The version of the hymn on Moon Knight was arranged and performed by Manuel Bonilla, but the song has a long history. In fact, it’s a typical funeral song across Latin America, with its lyrics speaking of a home beyond the sun. Perhaps a little out of place in the mostly Egyptian-focused soundtrack, it’s hard to deny how well the song fits, or how emotional it was to see Oscar Isaac on screen as the song played in the background.

New episodes of Moon Knight are available Wednesdays on Disney+, with the series finale set to be released next Wednesday.