Netflix’s Latino Sitcom ‘Mr. Iglesias’ Renewed for a Second Season

Lead Photo: Mr Iglesias season 1 photo courtesy of Netflix
Mr Iglesias season 1 photo courtesy of Netflix
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Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias will be back to teach high school next season. Less than months into the premiere of the first season, the comedian’s Netflix sitcom Mr. Iglesias has been renewed for a second season. The renewal comes a year after Iglesias first announced he’d be receiving a Netflix show, which he also co-produces alongside showrunner Kevin Hench.

Iglesias will return as the affable titular teacher who mixes history lessons with life lessons. Hench is also returning. The announcement doesn’t stipulate whether every one of the original cast members is coming back, which includes Jacob Vargas and Oscar Nuñez, but we can expect them to return.

Netflix doesn’t release audience numbers, and has received criticism for the lack of support for its Latinx-based shows. They infamously canceled the popular One Day at a Time last year and refused to let it be released by another streaming giant. Thankfully, it found a home on PopTV. Netflix also recently approved a raise for the stars of the show On My Block whose previous season was delayed during the negotiations.

This second season certainly isn’t surprising considering Iglesias’ popularity and the general success of family programming on Netflix. Still, if you enjoy Mr. Iglesias be sure to support it during this subsequent season. Netflix may be doing a lot with Spanish-language programming, but their U.S. Latino-focused output is still small. Netflix seems to base everything off views and social media engagement so continue to post your Mr. Iglesias-centric tweets.