Mexican Creator Launches Kickstarter to Make B-Movie About Killer ‘Narco Shark’ – Yes, This is Real

Lead Photo: Gerardo Preciado/Narco Shark
Gerardo Preciado/Narco Shark
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Mexican composer, comic book writer, and aspiring director Gerardo Preciado is looking for help to produce his dream film project, a B-movie he describes as a mix of the “Sharksploitation and Mexploitation genres…and low-budget 80s horror.”

The project is called Narco Shark. Based on the trailer Preciado has created to attract potential investors, everyone will know exactly what they’re getting for their contribution. Narco Shark follows Ricky Valente, a detective who uses his saxophone playing skills to battle the Mexican Yakuza and a cocaine-fueled killer shark. Think more Sharknado on acid and less Jaws.

This will be Preciado’s debut as a feature film director. Normally, he writes soundtracks for horror movies that don’t actually exist. He calls his work “music from movies from another dimension.” Some of the titles of his imaginary movies are Zombiria, My Little Slasher, and Terrore! Preciado has already written the music for Narco Shark. This time, however, he wants a real movie to accompany the score.

“I have been making short films with my older brother since we were kids,” Preciado wrote on his Kickstarter page where he is currently raising money to make Narco Shark. “We were heavily inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi and its guerilla-style filmmaking.”

Preciado said the reason he wants to direct an actual film is to prove to himself and others that “you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to make a fun movie.”

If ninjas, sexy saxophone music, naked mannequins, and cheesy computer-generated sharks are your idea of a “fun movie,” click on the trailer below and decide if you want to be part of this journey.

“As far as the story for this movie goes, you can see from the trailer that it’s pretty nuts,” he wrote. “I’ve crammed this baby with a ton of crazy ideas to make sure there is never a dull moment on screen.”