Natalie Morales’ ‘Plan B’ Trailer Features Girls on Road Trip To Find Emergency Contraception

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of Hulu
Photo Courtesy of Hulu
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Actress Natalie Morales (Battle of the Sexes) is having a very busy 2021. She debuted Language Lessons, her first film as a director, at the Berlin Film Festival, landed a role on a new CBS comedy series and will soon be heard as the voice of a cartoon mommy in the Paramount+ revival of Rugrats.

Now, another milestone for Morales this year: the trailer for Plan B, the second film she directed this year, has hit online and it’s giving us some serious Harold & Kumar meets Booksmart vibes. The film stars Kuhoo Verma (The Big Sick) and Victoria Moroles (TV’s Teen Wolf). They play Sunny and Lupe, two high school friends who are desperate to get their hands on a morning-after pill after Sunny’s first sexual experience goes awry.

Problem is, Sunny and Lupe live in the heartland of America, so emergency contraception is a bit hard to come by in their neck of the woods. So, they decide to jump in the car for a road trip to Planned Parenthood in the big city.

“My 24-hour window is closing,” Sunny says when she realizes that getting the pill is going to be tougher than she thought.

It’s evident Sunny will do anything to find a pill when she buys one off a random drug dealer who thinks that he might have one in his stash.

“There’s like a really small chance it might be PCP,” the dealer tells her after she swallows it.

OK, so we’re not on the hunt for delicious White Castle burgers for this movie, but we’re definitely digging the social-political undertones.

Plan B premieres on Hulu May 28.