NBC to Develop Sitcom ‘All Fancy’ Starring Anjelah Johnson

Lead Photo: Anjelah Johnson press photo.
Anjelah Johnson press photo.
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As multiple television networks rush to greenlight a swath of Latino content, NBC is getting in on the game. They’ve recently announced plans to develop the sitcom All Fancy, written by Mexican-American Emilia Serrano.

The series is inspired by stand-up comic and actress Anjelah Johnson, who will also star as Veronica Jimenez, a “30-something Mexican-American woman” as she navigates marriage, family and career, all while going against “cultural and social expectations.”

The big coup for the series is the support behind the camera, with Superstore superstar America Ferrera and comedian Kevin Hart acting as executive producers. Johnson’s background as a comic actress put her in the show Ugly Betty several years ago, and she was recently seen in the failed reboot of MadTV. Serrano though is the real interesting factor. She’s previously worked on the sitcom Cristela, a show that sounds like it has parallels to All Fancy’s story about a Latina woman navigating family and career. Serrano’s also sold pilots about Latino characters to Netflix and Columbia Pictures, though development isn’t clear on those.

NBC certainly remains one of the safer networks with Superstore continuing to present the most diversity in its cast. All Fancy sounds like a solid foundation for a situational comedy with two strong Latinas at the helm.

This is still in development so no word on if a full series will be greenlit.