Netflix Knows You Already Binged ‘Narcos’ Season 2, Announces Seasons 3 & 4 to Ease the Comedown

Season two of Netflix’s Narcos hit the global streaming platform last Friday, and we’ve already had a long weekend to make our way through the 10 brand-new episodes. So what now? Well, apparently it’s time to start getting pumped for Narcos season three. That’s right, we can now officially look forward to a third – and fourth! – season of the Colombian crime opera, and Netflix has even released a short announcement video to ease the comedown from this weekend’s binge-watching.

In the clip, a static portrait of Wagner Moura’s Pablo Escobar blurs and slowly fades from view, giving way to a similar portrait of Damián Alcázar as Cali Cartel capo Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela. Between the two shots an intertitle treats us to a clever play on words: “The blow must go on.” To the uninitiated, the thirty-second clip may not seem to carry a loft of narrative heft, but anyone who’s made their way through season two will probably understand exactly what’s being suggested here.

If you haven’t finished yet, you’ve at least read Escobar’s Wikipedia page at some point so no need to freak out about spoilers. The important thing here is that – much like Latin America’s long, complex relationship with the US’s drug habit – Narcos is going to be around for a while to come. Oh, and we’ll also be getting a lot more Damián Alcazar. Keep a look out for season three sometime in 2017.