Netflix Announces Second Season of ‘Club de Cuervos’ With Video of Cast Squawking Like Crows

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In case you thought Netflix’s expansion into Spanish-language original programming was risky, we now have an answer for you: nope. Indeed, just as a few stragglers finish binging their way through Netflix’s first Mexican-produced original series, Club de Cuervos, Netflix has taken to social media to announce that the groundbreaking series will be coming back for a second season sometime next year.

Thus far, the series has been eaten up by Netflix subscribers and even received a fairly positive critical response, with some hailing the series as “the beginning of modern-day television in Mexico.” And that’s a big thing for a nation where TV has long languished in the dark ages of serial content, thanks to the evil garden gnomes over at Televisa.

The latest announcement came in the form of a pretty rough-looking 18-second clip that probably cost the actors more in data charges than it cost Netflix to put together, but the goofy tone is in keeping with Club de Cuervos’ milk-every-joke comedy style. The show’s story of a wealthy family reeling from the loss of their patriarch and scrambling to see who will take over their beloved local soccer team hit just about every narrative button necessary to win over Latin American audiences.

Let’s hope the digital platform now puts as much muscle into their English-language marketing efforts as they did promoting Club de Cuervos to Spanish speakers.