TRAILER: Season 2 of Netflix’s Brazilian Sci-Fi Series ‘3%’ Is Coming Soon

Lead Photo: 3% season 1. Photo by Pedro Saad. Courtesy of Netflix
3% season 1. Photo by Pedro Saad. Courtesy of Netflix
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Fans of the Portuguese-language sci-fi dystopian series 3% – which initially debuted in November of 2016 –  have waited a year and a half to find out what’s been going on with their favorite characters and now Netflix has finally released a new trailer for season two, complete with a release date.

The Brazilian-made drama follows a group of people living in a futuristic society wherein they’re offered the chance to live in a world of leisure known as the Offshore, or be relegated to the poverty-stricken Inland. The title implies how many people succeed in bettering their situation. The brief 47-second promo is a tease more than anything else. We see people walking on a sandy beach on some idyllic island. Someone saying off-screen they’re “different” and “special” than everybody else. Is this a mark of a future romance or the dystopian otherness that pervades these series? From there the teaser becomes a series of rapid-fire images, buzzy techno beats, and a logline discussing how “the wait is almost over.” Armed military, women holding guns, and people crying are also here.

The clip definitely crosses off everything you’d expect to see about a series set in an oppressive futuristic society. The plots are completely different but the trailer looks to capture the attention of Westworld fans, especially with its cold color palette. That being said, it’s effective to only show a little piece of what’s to come as fans who are already into the series won’t be complaining about spoilers.

Netflix remains committed to showcasing stories from numerous Latin American countries, recently announcing their commitment to making a trio of series created and shot in Colombia. Considering that 3% was the first Portuguese-language series, and the second non-English series the company greenlit, it is great that it’s being brought back but simultaneously frustrating it took this long to get it together.

You can stream the complete second season of 3% starting April 27 on Netflix.

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