TEASER: Netflix Confirms Spanish Series ‘La Casa de Papel’ Is Filming Season 3

Lead Photo: 'La casa de papel' season 2 still courtesy of Netflix
'La casa de papel' season 2 still courtesy of Netflix
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Earlier this year, Netflix announced that Spanish thriller series La casa de papel (Money Heist) had become the most-watched non-English-language show ever on the global streaming service. Initially developed by Álex Pina for Antena 3 as a limited series, the bank heist drama went supernova once Netflix acquired it and re-cut its episodes into two seasons. The gripping story followed a mysterious man who calls himself “El Profesor” (Álvaro Morte) and who’d decided to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. For this multiple-day assault, he’d assembled his own Oceans 8-like group. His co-conspirators, all given code names, include narrator Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), miner-turned-criminal Moscow (Paco Tous), and hacker Rio (Miguel Herrán).

The action-packed show, which plays like that first scene from The Dark Knight stretched into serialized storytelling, proved to be quite the addictive bingewatch. And never one to leave a successful show alone, Netflix has gone ahead and ordered a third season of La casa de papel. In addition to the OG cast, Pina and his team have recruited Argentine actor Rodrigo de la Serna as “El Ingeniero,” Spain’s own Fernando Cayo as Tamayo and Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá, among others. Little is known about where the story will go now (especially after that buzzy finale) but a teaser clip from the first read-through has been released to confirm the start of filming for season three. And it’s sure to get fans talking.

The clip — scored to the show’s signature song, “Bella Ciao” — shows all the actors reunited for the first time, greeting one another in earnest. And while that alone may not be enough to entice you, know that it ends with a character reveal that’s best left unspoiled. But trust us, it’ll have you itching to see what’s next in this Spanish thriller.

La casa de papel‘s new season will premiere exclusively on Netflix in 2019.