Kate del Castillo’s Netflix Series ‘Ingobernable’ Has a Release Date

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We finally have a date for Netflix’s second Mexican original series Ingobernable, starring Kate del Castillo: the 15-episode first season will hit the digital platform at 12am CST on March 24th. The series, produced by powerhouse Mexican studio Argos Comunicación, will focus on a fictional first lady named Irene Urzua who wields the true power behind the Mexican presidency.

Described as a woman with “a strong personality, conviction, and clear ideas,” the fictional Urzua probably has very little to do with the real-life, ex-telenovela star and Miami jet-setter Angélica Rivera, who currently finds herself in a marriage of convenience to diminutive cardboard cutout and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.

In addition to co-star Erik Hayser in the role of Mexico’s fictional head of state, Netflix has released a veritable laundry list of Mexican film stars to round out the cast, including Erendira Ibarra, Fernando Luján, Marina de Tavira, and Aida López. Screenwriter Natasha Ybarra-Klor of Las Aparicio takes the show’s principal writing credit, while Argos Comunicacíon CEO and heavyweight journalist Epigmenio Ibarra holds down executive production duties along with Verónica Velasco.

The premise seems like an entertaining way to explore the vicissitudes of Mexican politics with some narrative depth, but with the political landscape in Mexico changing so quickly, let’s hope the team behind Ingobernable had the foresight to look a few steps ahead of the headlines.