Kate del Castillo Sends Holiday Greetings as Mexico’s First Lady in Netflix’s ‘Ingobernable’ Promo

Lead Photo: Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for NALIP
Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for NALIP
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After more than a year without a peep from Netflix, we finally have the first images from the digital platform’s upcoming Mexican original Ingobernable, starring Kate del Castillo. The series, produced by powerhouse Mexican studio Argos Comunicación, will focus on a fictional first lady named Irene Urzua who wields the true power behind the Mexican presidency.

Described as a woman with “a strong personality, conviction, and clear ideas,” the fictional Urzua’s personality probably has very little to do with ex-telenovela star and Miami jet-setter Angélica Rivera – who currently finds herself in a marriage of convenience to President Enrique Peña Nieto. Though, as we can gather from this one-minute holiday promo, the show plans to pull no punches when it comes to Mexico’s rotten political class.

Shot like a straightforward Christmas greeting from the President and First Lady, the brief clip keeps rolling after the fictional cameras cut, making us privy to a bit of marital drama playing out behind the plastic smiles and canned expressions of goodwill. Admittedly, the promo doesn’t give away much in terms of plot or style, but the overt reverences to Peña Nieto give a sense of the show’s frontal attack on Mexico’s ongoing political drama.

The empty expressions of fictional president Diego Nava, played by Erik Hayser, leaves you wondering whether Hayser’s heart is really in the performance, or if it’s all just a brilliant parody of Peña Nieto’s own soulless gaze. Apparently we’ll have to wait until March to know how legit this whole undertaking will be.

Ingobernable drops on Netflix in March 2017.