TRAILER: Escobar Rocks Dad Sweaters & the DEA Is Out for Payback in ‘Narcos’ Season 2

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“4 ,000 soldiers, tens of thousands of rounds fired, and a bunch of fuckin’ helicopters,” may refer to the manpower the Colombian government brought to extract Pablo Escobar from his cushy personal prison at the end of Narcos Season One; but judging from a newly released trailer, it’s also a fair summation of what we can expect from the show’s upcoming second season.

Featuring a voiceover narration from our trusty, all-American anti-hero, DEA agent Steve Murphy, the two-minute trailer is a dizzying montage of automatic weapons, explosions, beatings, fires, booze, and a dude who gets thrown out of a helicopter. Set to the driving hard-rock rhythms of Styx’s operatic 1979 hit, “Renegade”, the trailer sets up Escobar’s escape from prison as the “biggest law-enforcement blunder of all time” – and the DEA’s desire for payback only ramps up Narcos’ exploration of the moral gray area between the good guys and the bad.

To make things even more exciting, Escobar’s dad-sweater game is more on point than ever, with nautical-themed blue crewnecks emerging as the criminal sociopath’s sartorial preference. Plus, actor Wagner Moura seems to have stepped up his Paisa Spanish a touch from Season One’s bald-faced Portuñol, unleashing an almost-passable “A Pablo Escobar se le respeta!” around the 1:10 mark.

To top it off, a brief appearance from Mexican actorazo Damián Alcázar suggests that the Narcos team has a few tricks up its sleeve that should make for a compelling second season. So go ahead and mark your Google calendars for Season Two’s September 2nd premiere, cause Narcos may very well be getting better with age.