As they say in Spanish, lo prometido es deuda. Netflix, which had pledged to produce 10 television shows in Argentina, is slowly rolling out their plans to conquer that South American market. Having already released director Daniel Burman’s Edha, and having announced a slew of other projects including a teen musical show, the streaming giant has given us some info on yet another series to look forward to. Titled Puerta 7it was created by bilingual playwright-turned-TV writer Martin Zimmerman (Ozark, Narcos), and written by Patricio Vega (Los Simuladores).

Unsurprisingly Puerta 7 is centered on what has to be Argentina’s most well-known addiction: soccer. Focusing on the country’s infamous and world-famous barras bravas (soccer fan groups), the series will look at the intersection of sports, national politics, and organized crime. In what’s sounding like a darker, more corrupt-laden Club de CuervosNetflix’s new show will center on a soccer club through a number of different characters: there’s the woman who hopes to rid her family’s soccer club of the corruption that’s become rampant as well as the young man who joins a barra brava with the intent of escaping the poverty he was born into. But the high-stakes drama will come courtesy of the war that’s unleashed between factions of the barra when they begin fighting over how to “redirect” the millions they’ve been funneling out of the club for years.

“As a lifelong soccer fan, I’ve always wanted to explore the intersection between sport, politics and crime in Argentina, which is not only one of the greatest incubators for world soccer talent in the world, but also my mother’s homeland,” shared Zimmerman. There’s no word yet on casting but one can already see Zimmerman and Vega luring top talent for their ambitious new show, which won’t hit Netflix until sometime next year.

Puerta 7 will debut on Netflix in 2019.