Netflix’s ‘Rebelde’ is Here and So Are the First Reactions from Fans

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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Netflix’s Rebelde, the revival of the acclaimed Mexican telenovela, is finally here, and so are the first fan reactions. As with every beloved property getting new life, there are a lot of mixed feelings. But there’s also a lot of joy at seeing a new, more diverse version of something that, for so many, was part of their childhood. And yes, there’s a lot of singing. The songs are catchy, we can’t deny that.

We’re also mumbling the lyrics to the theme song long after they’ve stopped playing.

Here are some of the first reactions to the Netflix revival!

WARNING: Some tweets have images that contain spoilers!

Some people were left already “needing season 2” and confirming “the nostalgia was definitely there.”

Some first reactions weren’t too happy with what they saw on Netflix’s Rebelde and missed the version they watched growing up.

And others were here for the changes made and the couples that reigned supreme, particularly the LGBT+ aspects.

If these reactions prove anything it’s that, like most things, Rebelde is probably something you need to experience for yourself to make up your own mind. Everyone’s got their opinion, and their favorites. The only thing we can, apparently, all agree on, is the soundtrack slaps. At least there are some constants in life.

Rebelde is available to stream on Netflix now.