Netflix Announces ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Is Getting a Season Two

Lead Photo: 'Narcos: Mexico' image courtesy of Netflix
'Narcos: Mexico' image courtesy of Netflix
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We have not seen the last of Diego Luna‘s Felix Gallardo, it seems. After an explosive first season of Narcos: Mexico, Netflix has announced that audiences will get a chance to continue following Gallardo’s storyline as the show heads into a second season. After moving up north from Colombia (and back a few years) to give us an origin story of sorts for the “War on Drugs” south of the border and the Guadalajara cartel that Gallardo was head of, Narcos: Mexico ended its 10-episode run with two seismic reveals.

Spoiler alert! In case you haven’t finished watching season one proceed with caution.

The first, for anyone who’s familiar with the history of that Mexican cartel and Gallardo’s real-life infamy, perhaps didn’t come as too much of a surprise. Going in, we knew Michael Peña‘s Kiki Camarena wasn’t going to make it out alive. The DEA agent’s torture and death — abetted by corrupt Mexican police officers — has long been seen as a catalyst for the forceful Reagan policies that followed in its wake. But perhaps the best-kept secret of the season — beyond that Narcos crossover — was the identity of its English-speaking narrator. And really, you don’t introduce a DEA agent character played by Scoot McNairy in the final episode of your season if you’re not committed to following up on what he’ll do in future seasons. Which is exactly what will likely take center stage in any future Narcos: Mexico episodes as his “Operation Leyenda” starts to take over the way the US handled cartels down south.

As showrunner Eric Newman explained to The Hollywood Reporter, this is yet another instance of “Here comes the new guy and this time we’re going to get it right.” The thrill (and tragedy) of Narcos: Mexico season two will be seeing just how McNairy’s Walt Breslin is likely to follow in the footsteps of not only Peña’s Camarena but Boyd Holbrook’s Murphy and Pedro Pascal’s Peña.

Narcos: Mexico season one is currently streaming on Netflix.