TRAILER: The Hip-Hop Revolution Will Be Televised in Netflix’s ‘The Get Down Part II’

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A lot has changed since Netflix’s The Get Down premiered on August 12, 2016. The Rio Olympics wrapped up with an historic medal count for Team USA, commercial flights resumed between the US and Cuba, the Cubs won the World Series, and the presidential elections happened.

So it’s understandable if somewhere between athletic glory and political apocalypse you lost track of the impending drop of The Get Down Part II. But don’t fret: as always Netflix is ramping up their PR machine in the lead up to the show’s glorious return, and the first sign of life we have comes in the form of a typically flashy one-minute teaser.

Featuring shots of our favorite proto hip-hop crew doing their thang for adoring crowds; the brand-new teaser employs all the choppy editing tricks and tense musical cues you would expect from the audiovisual hype machine, closing out with a succinct summary of Part II’s dramatic conceit: “We’re gonna take our music from minor to major league.”

Indeed, Part I left us off in a New York where city coffers were empty, disco was king, and the Bronx’s hip-hop revolution was on the verge of exploding. Tune in to Netflix on April 7th to catch the action, ’cause this revolution will be televised.