Nico Jaar Scored Jacques Audiard’s New Film “Dheepan,” Showing at Cannes

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Chilean-American producer Nicolas Jaar was invited by French director Jacques Audiard to work on the score for his film Dheepan, which has its competition screening in Cannes this week. The film centers on two Sri Lankan refugees who pretend to be family to escape the civil war in Sri Lanka and wind up in Paris.

If you’ve been following Jaar’s career for the last year, you know he’s not a random choice for a job like this. After the informal scoring of 1969 Armenian film The Color Of Pomegranates, his score for the 2015 short film on police brutality Eleven Times, and, of course, his brilliant work on electronic music with heavy emotions, we can have high expectations on the outcome of this project.

Nico made a name for himself with Darkside, but now that he’s working solo it seems any project that involves profound and immersive music is right up his alley.