Northside Festival 2013: Musica & Cine Picks

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Another New York City summer is creeping up, and with it comes the yearly optimistic¬†feeling of it being the best one yet. So, before we lose that feeling among train carts without air-con and 100% humidity days, Brooklyn’s very own Northside Festival is getting ready for us. At the tender age of four, NorthSide Festival has grown to become one of NYC’s biggest showcases for emerging talent.¬†What started off with 50 bands now boasts of over 300, not to mention film premieres, entrepreneurs, trendsetters and a legion of 80,000+ fans, coming together from June 13 to June 20. That gives us seven days of artistic discovery! We’ve gone ahead and highlighted some Latinos taking part in this cultural affair. Check em’ out!


Thursday 6/13 – Selebrities @ Cameo
Thursday 6/13 – Ava Luna @ 285 Kent
Friday 6/14 – Xenia Rubios @ Brooklyn Bowl
Saturday 6/15 – DJ Nydia Ines @ Paperbox
Sunday 6/16 – Outernational @ Matchless
Sunday 6/16 – Something in Spanish @ Public Assembly


Tuesday 6/18 – From NY With Love @ Union Docs
Tuesday 6/18 – Gimme the Power @ Union Docs
Wednesday 6/19 – Forbidden Voices @ Williamsburg Cinemas
Thursday 6/20 – Temblor/DIY Shorts Program @ Videology

For the overflowing line-up, click HERE!