Netflix Announces OITNB Season 4 Premiere Date and Teaser Trailer

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

So we’ve finally been given concrete dates for The Get Down’s digital premiere on Netflix, but rather than making things better, we now have to think of things to pass the time until August 12 – and that’s a loooong ways away. Luckily Netflix has spent the last three years enabling our addictions to any number of their groundbreaking digital series, and it seems they will be giving us a long-awaited dose of Orange Is the New Black’s fourth season just in time to feed our jones.

Over three previous seasons OITNB has not only emerged as Netflix’s most wildly successful original series, but it has also opened a door for Latina representation in ways we’ve never seen in mainstream U.S. film or television. The faces and bodies are diverse, the characters are humanized rather than sexualized, and stereotypes are dismantled in favor of a deeper understanding of each woman’s struggle. Plus it’s a damned good story, which in the end is what keeps us coming back for more.

Along with the announcement of a June 17 premiere date, Netflix has graced us with a short teaser trailer showing the women of Litchfield doing their thang, but with an ominous sense of impending doom that culminates in a shot of Taystee wearing an ill-fitted suit jacket over her beige jumpsuit and taking phone calls. What this all spells for the future our favorite female inmates is up to you to decide. Mark your calendars for early summer to find out for sure.