‘On My Block’ Final Season Starts Where Last Time Jump Left Off

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
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The fourth and final season of the Netflix series On My Block has an official release date as the gang gets back together for one last adventure. The teen dramedy will debut its last 10 episodes on October 4, 2021. And thanks to Netflix we even have some first look photos!

At the end of Season 3, Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri) says goodbye to her crew and going off to an all-girls school. “Promise me nothing’s gonna change,” she tells her friends. They respond in unison: “Nothing’s gonna change.”

Then, the final episode jumps ahead in time two years, and everything has changed. Monse is shown at school hanging out with her new group of friends. Jamal (Brett Gray) is now part of the Freeridge football team. Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) are a couple, but it’s evident they aren’t as close to their friends as they were before. Spooky (Julio Macias) is an expecting father. And Cesar (Diego Tinoco) is the new leader of the Santos street gang.

In the teaser trailer, audiences get a glimpse of all the characters, including Abuelita, who is still as fearless as ever before. “Their story isn’t over,” the trailer displays. “Season 4 finds our friends two years later, having gone their separate ways,” reads Netflix’s official synopsis. “When a secret is unburied, they quickly learn you can’t run from the past and they will need to stick together to survive.”

Season 4 couldn’t have come sooner. Some fans like popular YouTube vlogger Keyon Elkins wondered why the show was taking so long to come back for its last season. Garcia recorded a special message for him asking him to keep watching.

Once the news hit, most fans couldn’t keep their excitement hidden.

We’ll see if all that enthusiasm and dancing was necessary – in less than one month.