The Somber Season 2 Teaser of ‘On My Block’ Hints at Ruby’s Fate

Lead Photo: 'On My Block' photo by John O Flexor. Courtesy of Netflix
'On My Block' photo by John O Flexor. Courtesy of Netflix
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It’s been nearly a year since the conclusion of the debut season of On My Block, the Wonder Years-esque Netflix series about a group of friends living in South Central Los Angeles. Now, Netflix has dropped the first peek at season two, and its tone is decidedly somber.

In the teaser, the camera pans low to the ground, capturing a roadside memorial to a young man. As it glides down the proverbial block, we see someone tagging a wall only to be chased down by a cop car. The cop car cruises the streets as the camera appears to hide from it, eventually showing a string of memorials to people of all stripes: men, women and children. Are these victims of gang violence or police brutality? We get silent glimpses of the show’s characters, who seem to be in a state of mourning – from Peggy Blow’s Abuelita delivering food, to Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) standing in front of a memorial for a little girl. The whole thing culminates with a close-up of Ruby (Jason Genao) who seems to be laying dead in a coffin – until the last shot, when his eyes fly open. Is the teaser implying that the gunshot he sustained at the end of last season was fatal?

On My Block received serious critical attention when it debuted last year and it’s crazy to think the fans have been waiting this long. While the tone of this season looks to be more heavy, here’s hoping the show will continue to mix optimism and childhood fun with the gritty realities of living in America today.

On My Block season two streams on Netflix March 29th.