Orion Pictures Is Making a Latino Haunted House Movie Directed by the Meza Brothers

Lead Photo: 'Boniato' still courtesy of Sundance Institute
'Boniato' still courtesy of Sundance Institute
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Horror fans recently got a chance to see Demián Bichir battle a creepy nun and will soon get to judge for themselves whether it’s worth watching a white lady fend off La Llorona. But for those looking to get a full-blown Latino horror film, the wait may finally be over. As Deadline reported, the Meza brothers (Andres and Diego) have sold a horror pitch to Orion Pictures for a film titled Casa that they will direct. The Miami-based filmmakers have been making a name for themselves with eerie shorts in the last few years that blend socially conscious storytelling with jump scares. Boniatotheir collaboration with Eric Mainade, for example, turned the plight of migrant workers into a dizzying horror short. It played Sundance back in 2016 and bore a provocative tagline that feels just as timely in today’s political climate: “Some borders aren’t meant to be crossed.”

Their feature film debut will focus on an intergenerational tale centering on a Latino family. “So much of the Latinx experience is the idea of having a place and identity that feels like ‘home’ in America,” the directors shared with Remezcla. “We think blending that perspective with the haunted house genre was a perfect fit. As longtime fans of the genre we’re excited to see the attention horror has gotten in recent years as the conduit for important social dialogue. Horror has always had a history of that, but we feel it is now more important than ever. With movies like Get Out connecting with audiences as both an entertaining thrill ride and a movie with something to say, we consider ourselves lucky to be in a time we think is the golden age of horror.”

While you wait for Casa, you can watch Boniato in its entirety below.