It seems like fans on Twitter have been demanding this for years and now Hollywood may finally be answering their prayers. On Friday it was announced that Oscar Isaac was in talks to voice the character of Gomez Addams in an upcoming animated take on The Addams Family.

The film was revealed back in October with Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon at the helm. The Cuban-Guatemalan-American heartthrob and star of this weekend’s box office juggernaut Star Wars: The Last Jedi has long been the online favorite to play Addams, a character whose past interpretations were played by the Puerto Rican Raul Julia in two 1990s adaptations, and John Astin in the 1960s original series.

There’s no word on what the plot of the film is, short of following the “all together ooky” family anchored by parents Gomez and Morticia. Though the internet has been on a roll celebrating the possibility of Isaac in the role he was born to play….does it have to be animated? Part of the joy is actually seeing him rock the Gomez look, after all.

Oscar Isaac can be seen now in The Last Jedi and in February in the trippy sci-fi actioner Annihilation. The animated Addams Family hits screens October 11, 2019.