‘The Mixtape: Chicago’ Series Chronicles Youth of Color Who Find Solace in the Arts

Lead Photo: 'The Mixtape: Chicago' screenshot. Courtesy of Paola Piers-Torres
'The Mixtape: Chicago' screenshot. Courtesy of Paola Piers-Torres
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With teenagers in recent weeks paving the way for cultural change in this country, a push towards providing further inspiration is happening. Latinx director Paola Piers-Torres wants to be the source for that change with her new project The Mixtape: Chicago, recently launching the campaign on Kickstarter.

Initially started last year with a 30-minute documentary called The Chicago Mixtape, Piers-Torres set out to showcase the life of troubled Chicago youth who, through the power of after-school arts programs, were able to find a means of expressing themselves. Since then she’s wanted to go further and turn the documentary into a series known as The Mixtape: Chicago. The series will dig deeper into the marginalized youth and their communities’ attempts to create additional safe spaces for youth who want to channel their life into art and music.

The Mixtape: Chicago is hoping to hit its $25,000 goal in the next 23 days offering all manner of rewards including playlists, customized posters and totes, even an executive producer credit. Additionally, Piers-Torres will be hosting a screening of her original documentary at Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Studio in New York on April 16.

It’s cliche to say but it’s true, the children are our future. Inspiring the likes of acclaimed musicians like Chance the Rapper, The Mixtape: Chicago is shining a light on something we don’t often see enough of, young people taking charge of their own destiny to shape their future.

Support the kickstarter campaign here.