"Paranormal Activity" is Back And There Are Brown People in the Trailer. Let's Discuss.

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My philosophy on horror films is WHY. As in, why would I pay to feel terrified and anxious in a cavernous dark room, when I could easily spend that money on delicious snacks because I am a coward. Watching a trailer for the latest Paranormal Activity film would normally be at the bottom of my YouTube queue, way under things like:

  • Videos of sassy children dancing
  • Videos of cross-species animal friendships
  • The Ciara “Ride” music video for the billionth consecutive time.

However, this specific installation of the Paranormal Activity franchise – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones –  caught my eye due to the way it’s being described by several media outlets; namely, as “Latino-Themed”. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what that might mean, I watched  – and from what I can gather it basically just means that there are brown people in the cast. There’s nothing else particularly culturally-specific in the trailer, aside from what appears to be an exorcism that takes place in Spanish toward the end. And I’d argue that exorcisms are less “latino-themed” than they are “demon-themed”…but whatever. According to a Deadline report, distributors say the predominantly Latino cast is an effort to “target the franchise’s sizable Latino fanbase,” and I’m never mad at more Latino actors getting cast.

Plus the movie looks totally terrifying. Again, I’m a coward, so don’t take my word for it – watch the trailer below:

[insert-video youtube=J39iyK_aqDE#t=130]