We Finally Have a Premiere Date for Freeform’s ‘Party of Five’ Reboot Featuring a Latino Cast

Lead Photo: Freeform's 'Party of Five' stars Brandon Larracuente as Emilio Acosta. Photo by Vu Ong. Courtesy of Freeform
Freeform's 'Party of Five' stars Brandon Larracuente as Emilio Acosta. Photo by Vu Ong. Courtesy of Freeform
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We’re inching ever closer to the 10-episode debut of Freeform’s new reboot of Party of Five. The series, which changes the ’90s hit into a deportation story with an all-Latino cast, released an emotionally charged trailer four months ago.

The series’ creators have now released an extended three-minute clip and announced the show’s premiere date. The extended scene follows the Acosta children on the day their parents are set to be deported back to Mexico. The four older children: Emilio, Beto, Lucia, and Valentina, believe their youngest brother Rafa will go home with their parents. But when their parents ask the children to keep the baby — “this is his home” — they agree without hesitation.

The scene is restrained yet filled with emotion. As the guards demand everyone gets on the bus, Lucia (Emily Tosta) asks, “What’s the matter with this country?” Their father asks her to have dignity and for her to “show them who we are.” “They don’t care who we are, Papi. Don’t you understand that by now?” The remaining minutes are contained in close-ups as their mother hands over baby Rafa to them and their father tells Emilio (Brandon Larracuente) how bright and talented he is.

The children are reminded to stick together “no matter what happens,” ending with the indelible image of all five kids huddled close together, separated from their parents by a chain-link fence.

This is certainly not the Party of Five most people will remember growing up with, but it looks to be a great move. In just three minutes the audience understands who these characters are and the struggle of not just raising each other, but living in a country that’s torn their family apart. The cast looks to be doing some powerhouse acting so it’s just a matter of time before we can cry and enjoy the full episode.

Party of Five premieres on Freeform January 8, 2020.