This Son Hired Bounty Hunters & Traveled to Honduras to Capture His Father’s Killer

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When Paul Lima learned that the Honduran Supreme Court convicted the man who murdered his father to 16 years in prison but had no intention of arresting him, he felt like his options were limited. So, he hired two bounty hunters and traveled to Honduras to capture his father’s killer and bring him to justice.

The documentary After the Murder of Albert Lima follows Paul and his team as they journey to Honduras to track down the man who killed his father Albert Lima, a Cuban attorney and businessman, and deliver him to federal prison themselves.

After reviewing the logistics of what they were about to undertake, Paul and his enforcers hopped a plane to stake out the dangerous murderer who is tied to local drug cartels.

“This man killed my father,” Lima says in the film. “He is currently alive and well. No one’s doing anything about it. He’s due to serve 16 years in prison, with a caveat—he must be captured.”

For filmmaker Aengus James (American Harmony), Paul Lima’s story resonated with him because he saw a complex character who was walking a fine line of emotions.

“[Paul] was someone who had been doing everything he possibly could to get justice for his father,” James told Remezcla during a recent interview. “[But] he had lost his moral compass and had shifted in his mind from getting justice to having closure, which included vengeance. I was rooting for him to come out of that.”

James sees After the Murder of Albert Lima as a story of the extraordinary efforts of a son who wanted to honor his father. The film, however, also presents viewers with difficult questions.

“Even though Paul was fully justified…is that the right thing to do—to go around the law?” James said. “It’s a scary process and a slippery slope.”

After the Murder of Albert Lima is now available to stream on Crackle.