Watch Openly Queer Texas State Rep. Jessica González Visit Latinx Art Space Mercado369 in PBS’s ‘Prideland’

Lead Photo: 'Prideland' screenshot. Courtesy of PBS.
'Prideland' screenshot. Courtesy of PBS.
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To celebrate Pride month, PBS is premiering Prideland. a new one-hour special and short-form digital series following host and actor Dyllón Burnside (Pose) on a journey across the South seeing how the United States is changing for LGBTQ people from within.

During his stop in Dallas, Burnside meets up with out Texas State Representative Jessica González who takes them to Mercado369. At that Latinx community space the two discuss González’s political career, how she understands her own role as an out politician in the state of Texas and the progress that the LGBTQ caucus in the state can make. Showing Burnside the gentrification taking place in her own district and telling her story of how she came to run for office — all the while encouraging others to run (“I think it’s important for LGBTQ folks to run for office,” she says) — González stands in for a growing number of elected leaders who are putting their intersectional identities at the heart of their commitment to public service.

Check out the clip below and catch the full one-hour special on PBS.

Prideland premieres Friday, June 12, 2020 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS.