New Almodovar Teaser Released, is Awesome

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We get very excited about any news of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, and based on the teaser for his Cannes 2011 film La Piel Que Habito, he’s not interested in disappointing us any time soon. The movie, starring Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, and Marisa Paredes, tells the story of a scientist seeking to create indestructible human skin after the tragic death of his wife. It doesn’t look like his guinea pig is happy about it.

Our only nitpick so far? The subtitles in the trailer have ruined a great piece of writing. When Vera, the test subject, threatens to cut her throat, Banderas’ character’s response is translated as “You wouldn’t dare.” A more literal translation, however, might be “You couldn’t,” which, given the character’s aim, would carry the cool double meaning Almodovar clearly intended. Still, we’ve got to admit we’re excited for this one.