Pedro Pascal Reveals When He Found Out Baby Yoda’s Real Name

Lead Photo: Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage
Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage
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Being the title star of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian affords actor Pedro Pascal some knowledge that few are privy to. This includes the name of the character formerly known to fans of The Child, or informally as Baby Yoda.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pascal, whose character’s real name is not actually Mando but Din Djarin, revealed that he’s known that Baby Yoda’s real name was Grogu since “the start of Season 2.”

Fans were let in on the factoid during episode 5 this season. Pascal, however, let ET know that he received all the scripts for the recent season before shooting began.

“My favorite thing about it is how a part of the creative process [I am],” Pascal says. “I’m invited to at least observe and experience and contribute whatever will occur to me, so [creators] Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, they get me the scripts before we get into shooting. So, I know it all, baby!”

Pascal didn’t share his thoughts on whether he liked the name Grogu as much as Baby Yoda, but chances are he feels like most fans and are going to continue calling the infant alien after the iconic Jedi Master. In a way, Pascal is the adoptive father any way, so he can call the cute green baby whatever he wants.

Let’s hope Baby Yoda is at the top of his list—unless Mando Jr. is an option, too.