Pixar to create a Día de los Muertos film

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At Remezcla, we love Dia de los Muertos. Probably a little too much. Seriously, it gets creepy. But then again, it shouldn’t; after all, the Day of the Dead is actually about life, right? I guess that’s why Pixar, the animation studio behind such Disney hits as Toy Story, Wall-E, Up… (I could go on but, seriously, who are we kidding? You know Pixar) has just announced a movie about Dia de los Muertos for release in 2013, so far entitled, elegantly enough, The Untitled Pixar Movie about The Día de los Muertos. Sounds great, huh?

Details are (obviously) scarce, but it looks like Pixar’s interested in larger human stories, rooted in specific cultures, if their upcoming Brave (June 22nd) is any indication. Check out the incredibly Scottish trailer below. The other movie they announced is about dinosaurs, which has me incredibly excited.