The Pope Is Argentine, and So Is Jesus

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As if los Argentinos needed anything else to brag about, Juan Pablo di Pace has been tapped to play Jesus in the upcoming mini-series A.D. Premiering Easter Sunday (of course) on NBC, the 12-part series will cover the birth of the church, the aftermath of the death of Christ, and the camera-ready drama of the oh so glorious Resurrection. Hugs, kisses, and lamb’s blood for everyone!

The critically acclaimed Argentine actor, di Pace, is best known for playing Petros in Mamma Mia and a recurring role on the NBC show Camp. Surely, this is the role his mom is the most excited about. He seems pretty into it himself.

Di Pace leads a multinational cast that includes actors from Gambia, Italy, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe. Will you be watching? Even if you don’t tune in, I’m sure your primos evangélicos will be talking about it. So, just wanted to give you a heads up.