POPLAND! premiers on MTV tr3s

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Popland!, MTV’s original, Spanish-language teen show, premiered in the States last night on MTV tr3s (por supuesto con subtitulos). Created by the same team of writers that created the super-hit NiƱas Mal novela on tr3s. Popland revolves around Carla Vive (Sara Cobo), a small town girl that moves to the big city and finds herself in a world full of glitz, glamour, and drama. Having a knowledge of Spanish helps (while it’s said, for example, that the character Penelope’s nickname, Pene, is a joke, the subtitles don’t clue you in that it’s a joke because “pene” means “penis”) but hey, if you don’t, think of it as educational. While witty and pop-culture driven like other MTV original series, the show is still unmistakably a novela, from the melodrama to the atmospheric tonal music. Still, with the success of MTV’s breakout hit Awkward. this past season, there’s plenty of potential for a show aimed at the Latin equivalent of that show’s audience. (Frankly, young Latinos with more in common with Remezcla readers than a lot of what you see on tr3s.)

And, oh yeah, you can watch the whole episode below. Tell us what you think!