Man Explains What He Saw in Afterlife on Netflix Docuseries ‘Surviving Death’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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In the upcoming Netflix docuseries Surviving Death, individuals who have had near-death experiences, mediums, supernatural investigators and others share their stories of the afterlife and how death has impacted them.

One of the men featured on the show is José Hernández, an electrical engineer who explains what happened to him when he died briefly after an accident on the job sent him to the emergency room.

(Spoiler alert): According to Hernández, he and his team were running electrical lines when he broke his ribs while riding inside the bucket of a utility truck. At the hospital, Hernández was given a pain medication that caused an allergic reaction and started to shut down his vital organs.

Hernández describes that when he died, he fell inside a colorful tunnel and could hear millions of voices speaking to him. Then, he noticed he was in the ocean and his late father was standing in front of him.

“Me and my dad had a very difficult relationship in life,” Hernández says. “We couldn’t even hug. So, when he died, I felt totally bitter and really regretful of the fact that we were never able to say we love each other, or we care.”

Hernández says he took his near-death experience as an opportunity to “make peace with my dad.” Once he made amends, he transitioned back into his body at the hospital. “When I met my dad on the other side, I realized that sometimes we may not be able to say something here, [but] we’re gonna be able to say it somewhere else.”

Surviving Death premieres on Netflix on Jan. 6.