These Documentaries Prove Lowrider Culture Is Thriving From the BX to Japan

Lead Photo: Courtesy of UnionDocs
Courtesy of UnionDocs
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As Mexican-American culture confronts new challenges in 2017, celebrating its rich and varied history is increasingly important. That’s what drives an upcoming program by Proyector, a showcase of contemporary Mexican films that will be celebrating everything to do with Chicano culture. “Reshaping Identities: Chicano Low Rider Culture” will be anchored by a screening of Lindsey Cordero and Armando Croda‘s documentary FirmesA look at the tight knit community of Mexican-Americans in the Bronx who show off their intricate tattoos, their fly rides, and put a face to a population that’s often caught in between. “When a Mexican looks at me,” one says, “he sees me as an American. When an American looks at me he just sees another Mexican.”

But in addition to this intimate look at the men and women fending off being stereotyped for how they look and what they wear, Proyector will also be screening two short films that further expand on the idea of Chicano identity. Cordero and Croda’s own short, Pelón takes a look at undocumented immigrants in the Bronx who turn to gang life as a way to make life for themselves. Louis Ellison and Jacob Hodgkinson‘s short takes us all the way to Japan to compare the Chicano culture over there, arguing that the scene is centered on strong family values worth celebrating.

Directing duo Cordero and Croda, along with producer Beth Miranda Botshon and the cast of Firmes, will be hosting a Q&A conversation following the screening centered around cultivating inclusive communities and their process in documenting identity.

Proyector‘s program “Reshaping Identities: Chicano Low Rider Culture” takes place March 2, 2017 at UnionDocs in New York City.