‘Quiero’ Webseries Hopes to Craft a Talk Show for the Latino Community

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Priscila Garcia-Jacquier
Photo courtesy of Priscila Garcia-Jacquier
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In the wake of new entertainment technologies, the talk show has remained in a state of stagnation until now. Colombian filmmaker Priscila Garcia-Jacquier, inspired by the likes of Arsenio Hall, Oprah, and Marie Forleo, is hoping to launch her talk-show webseries Quiero.

As described on its Kickstarter campaign, Quiero will tap into Latino communities by “creating access to stories of Latinx ambition, influence, and success.” By focusing on stories of successful Latinos who made good, Quiero seeks to inspire and bring up the new world of Latinx entertainment. “The Univisions of the world appeal to our abuelas, while we’re all screaming in Spanglish for more Jane the Virgins.” The series’ first season will include guest appearances from the likes of Raul Castillo, Moises Kaufman, Paola Lazaro, and more.

Their Kickstarter has a modest goal of only $12,500 to finish out season one, of which the first episode is live on YouTube. Future plans for the series, barring additional funding, would allow them to craft a second season and film in Los Angeles.

Considering how male dominated and white the talk show landscape still remains on modern television, Quiero is tapping into something wholly original. The guests are unlike anyone you’d find on The View. And, most importantly, the series is produced in a new medium of mass consumption. With so many shows trying to go viral, spreading through social media, Quiero is giving audiences information that is directly shareable. If the series can hit its goal in the next ten days, Quiero will certainly be capable of feeding the “hunger” members of the Latinx world have been eager to see.

You can learn more and support Quiero via Kickstarter.